Bob was my best friend! He was the best dog, son, brother & protector. Bob was a really smart guy, he would watch his siblings and the house through our security cameras. He was always waiting by the door for us to return home. Bob loved cuddling with his sister Coco. Bob had lots of friends! To know Bob was to love him!

He has several friends that live close by. Bob and his siblings would hear their friends outside and come to us to let them out so they could sun bathe and chat with their friends daily. Bob and his sibling’s have their own van to go on family vacations.Bob went to Florida, Myrtle Beach and Tennessee on vacations in the last 2 years. Bob loved going to work on bikes “motorcycles“ with his sister and I.

Bob loved his sister Coco so much! They were from the same litter and have never been separated for more than 24 hours while one or the other had a surgery. Bob was a very sweet guy he was always so patient with his siblings & our grandchildren. Bob had such great manners. Bob loved having his back scratched & rubbed; he would smile and tap his leg.

Bob was our sweet big boy. We will love Bob forever and no one could ever replace him. Our family is truly devastated after suddenly tragically losing Bob on December 2nd 2022. We will cherish all the loving memories we have with Bob! If love could have saved him he would be with us forever. Bob left a imprint on our hearts that will last forever. We will know we are in heaven when we see Bob waiting for us by the door.

In Loving Memory Of Bob Dietz aka “Bobby”


Sunrise 7-4-2010 – Sunset 12-2-2022