Originally when we got Cat, my mom was adamant on not keeping her because her then boyfriend brought her home without asking her, but over time she decided to keep her which is why Cat was named Cat. I wasn’t in her life for the first two years because I lived with my dad but after I moved in with my mom I was determined to get her to sleep with me every night. I succeeded in that and I ended up getting six years of nightly cuddles from her. She easily became my best friend and not just my cat and I loved her with all my heart. If I was at a friends I couldn’t wait to go home to cuddle with her and after a while I couldn’t even sleep without her. Recently I realized that time goes by so fast and I wish I had more time with her than I did. But I’m happy with the time I did have with her. I’m happy I took plenty of videos and pictures of her being her lovable self and I’ll never forget her. She was my baby and I hope she has plenty of catnip blunts to roll around with like she did at home with me.