Poncho Lebron-McCauley


Poncho captured our hearts when he was just 6 wks old. He was sweet yet stubborn, but always loving. He was my furry best friend. He was always by my side through good or bad, he will be forever loved and missed. Till we meet again Ponchi … mama loves you!

Poncho Lebron-McCauley2022-08-26T10:59:18-04:00

Mocha “MoMo” Dixon


MoMo could be a little love bug but also very feisty. She loved to snuggle and have her belly rubbed. She was the baby of the family and will be missed by everyone. She loved playing with her toys and loved to share her bed with her cat brother.

Mocha “MoMo” Dixon2022-08-23T21:17:37-04:00

Molli Garza


Molli made quite the impact on our lives over the past 14 years. She was loving, vocal, protective, and a great friend. Molli loved to run around the house squeaking her toys, sleep with her head hanging off the couch, and sing her little heart out. The house is not the same anymore but we

Molli Garza2022-08-12T08:47:06-04:00

Louie Mackintosh


Louie was the best boy. When we were given Louie we bottle fed him and he was bald. The vet said he might not be able to grow hair. But he turned into a beautiful regal boy. He was so loved and his presence is dearly missed. Our family is so sad that our sweet

Louie Mackintosh2022-08-06T21:05:18-04:00

Emmy Bond


Emmy was a sweet loving part of the family that was always down for a snuggle. She had that boxer butt wiggle, bit mischievous at times and those big baby brown eyes of innocence that could get her out of anything. She for sure gave us so much love and we will always be grateful

Emmy Bond2022-07-25T19:28:47-04:00

Shorty Cummings


He loved his chicken treats, napping in the sun and annoying his sister. He was the most patient cat in the world, letting kids and adults love on him.

Shorty Cummings2022-07-07T14:57:53-04:00

Nikko Batt


Nikko was a very nervous timid pet. He didn't want anyone walking over him, even if he laid in the way. But I am positive we got him for a reason and I am sure someone else possibly would've put him down when he'd steal their dinner plate. (lol)  He was very special to us

Nikko Batt2022-06-28T12:21:36-04:00

Budweiser Stull


Budweiser was not like other cats. She would come when you called her name and knew how to sit and stay. When I would come home from work she would run up to me and meow, then curl up into a ball the meow and pop up to all 4. She would do that a

Budweiser Stull2022-06-28T12:09:22-04:00

Fred Bair


I got Fred when he was a puppy. I had to look on internet to find out what kind of dog he was, he’s Corgi. He was a happy dog even after he lost use of his back legs. He was overweight and a slip disc and severed nerve. I didn’t know or I would

Fred Bair2022-06-17T21:58:29-04:00

Baby Ball


She was small and sweet. Still able to fit her inside my hoodie pocket. She was a diva. She did not sleep on the floor she had a queen size bed for her and Casper. She would come and make you scratch her back. Loved going for a ride and putting her Lil head out

Baby Ball2022-05-19T07:41:26-04:00
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