Ryder Collins


In loving memory of Ryder, our family's sweet old man. From the moment Ryder entered our lives, he was so much more than just a pet. He became a beloved family member, our collective best friend, and confidant. Together, we celebrated 14 years filled with love, laughter, and countless memories. His youthful spirit radiated warmth,

Ryder Collins2023-09-18T20:47:35-04:00

Bony Oajaca


Nuestra amada Bony lleno nuestros corazones de amor con su presencia durante 8 años, ahora cruzó el arcoíris que la condujo a un lugar donde ya no sufre, dejando un gran vacío. 💔 Esperamos el día que volvamos a estar juntos de nuevo .

Bony Oajaca2023-09-16T15:58:31-04:00

Gypsy Juniper Jones-Smalldinger


Gypsy Juniper Jones-Smalldinger, born May 13th 2016 and left us on August 26th, 2023. She was a ray of sunshine the moment she entered our lives. She was a super stalker to her mom and and a loving companion to all she met. She was an excellent dog ambassador for the rescue animals her human

Gypsy Juniper Jones-Smalldinger2023-09-08T13:58:56-04:00

Jake Clarke


Jake was a 23-pound Yorkie that we nicknamed “Shaq”, but his size didn’t stop him from commanding the room. He was very friendly and was known to immediately roll over on his back whenever any company arrived - his way of asking for a belly rub. He wasn’t known for sharing with his two other

Jake Clarke2023-09-04T17:51:03-04:00

Daisy Quinn


Daisy Girl  🌼 July 28,2008- Aug 29,2023 Daisy was loyal, loving, and she had a heart of gold. From day one I knew she was special. Daisy is older of her fur brothers and sisters, and loved them unconditionally. She loved to lay in the sun and enjoy a nice bag of nacho cheese Doritos.

Daisy Quinn2023-09-01T10:08:58-04:00

Tinkerbell Ma chérie Neville


Tinkerbell Ma chérie Neville Also well known as Tink, TinkTink, Tinks, Fats, and Fat cat. Tinkerbell was the best friend anyone could ever have!  She was there for everyone and she was so cuddly and loving.  She was so kind and gentle to all who visited her house.  She was the protector of our home

Tinkerbell Ma chérie Neville2023-08-11T08:58:38-04:00

Chloe Spoor


Chloe was the sweetest kindest chihuahua. She shared her life with us for 12 beautiful years before she quite unexpectedly decided to cross the rainbow bridge. You will be forever loved and missed Chloe

Chloe Spoor2023-08-08T10:15:09-04:00

Rascal Quirk


Rascal was our first pet as a married couple. He traveled the roads with use for my job - he loved everyone and everyone loved him. He was a gentleman that loved going on rides and was the "barn boss" when he needed to be.

Rascal Quirk2023-07-09T20:47:22-04:00

Caesar Hicks


Caesar was the gentlest giant. Mommas best friend and cuddle bug (whether I was ready or not). He'd argue with anyone that had anything to say to him (he had quite a few valid points). He swore he never out grew my lap and he proved it daily. Gone in an instant and missed terribly.

Caesar Hicks2023-07-06T16:06:52-04:00

Pretty Girl Coleman


She was mommy’s girl. She was the most loving dog in the world. When you hear puppy dog face you think of her. When she was young it was as if she had springs in her legs. She would jump when she was excited or when she was trying to look at food on the

Pretty Girl Coleman2023-07-03T20:27:28-04:00
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