Liberty Jones


Liberty, 11 year-old big baby of mine. She loved running up and down the fence with the neighbor's dog, playing tug-of-war, being an aunt to my daughter's Yorkie, and a lil sister to her human sister. She loved the babies, checking on them as they cry. I can go on and on about my loving

Liberty Jones2024-04-15T18:06:30-04:00

Scarlet Steadham


To the best pup, the best mom to all the random pets brought home, the best friend to everyone who was close to her. You are so loved and missed. We would give anything for one more moment. Your snuggles are unmatched. We love you sweet baby.

Scarlet Steadham2024-03-27T20:07:08-04:00

Duke Riddle


Duke was born deaf but such a smart, loyal, stubborn and funny beautiful boy. Loved his Kong balls, people food, to snuggle, and to be with his family. He was loved for 16 years and will be missed even more.

Duke Riddle2024-02-28T21:59:48-05:00

Phoenix Henry Allen Traut


Angel baby boy dog mommas sweetheart. Phoenix Henry Allen Traut (P.H.A.T.) loved his bones and balls.  He loved lying in the grass and feeling the sun on him. Most of all, Phoenix loved his family. We are going to miss our sweet boy we love so much, but I know I will be with you

Phoenix Henry Allen Traut2024-02-24T15:08:55-05:00

Arlo White


Arlo was a loyal protector, a good boy, and our best friend. He loved playing with the kids, playing fetch, and snuggling during naps. He will be missed forever. Love you, boy! 

Arlo White2024-02-21T18:59:38-05:00

Kenny P. Porkchop


The most spoiled thing in America... got whatever he wanted down to his own bowl of spaghetti. He loved to be cuddled and was very talkative.   He would vocalize his opinions. He was (and will always be) the king of the castle.

Kenny P. Porkchop2024-01-18T19:23:42-05:00

Rex Rosado


Rex was always so friendly, loved kids, also loved playing in the back yard with his ball. You will be missed my big boy -- love you. ♡

Rex Rosado2023-12-18T08:51:36-05:00

Angel Adams


Angel was a very sweet beautiful family member of ours and we are so thankful and blessed to have had her in our family and lives for 12 years. She was a chihuahua but acted as if she was a pit bull! lol She was loved and will forever be missed

Angel Adams2023-12-01T16:37:53-05:00

Cisco Jones


Our Golden boy. I’ll forever miss your loud purr, your snotty kisses, and holding you like a baby which you loved. You’ll forever be my second son. You can never be replaced and I promise I’ll never try. We miss you so much words cannot describe. Rest with love.

Cisco Jones2023-11-28T17:46:41-05:00
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