Millie Ralph


We rescued you but truthfully you rescued us. You were so tiny and scared when we found you. You couldn’t have been more than a year old - skinny, dirty, and covered with fleas. I held you in my arms all day to let you know you were safe. As you got use to being

Millie Ralph2024-07-17T11:13:23-04:00

Lucky Gonzalez Monjaraz


Lucky was born on December 18, 2013. He was the only survivor from his litter, and that’s how we got his name. I got Lucky as a marriage present. He brought me long-lasting life memories that will stick with my family and friends forever. He was very spoiled and was a very friendly chihuahua that

Lucky Gonzalez Monjaraz2024-07-11T22:21:22-04:00

Moon Wilson


Moon was a small beast, a wild creature. She was full of mischief and silliness. We dearly loved her tiny paws, her soft ears, and her bright yellow stare. She wanted to be with us always, whether that meant sitting in a warm lap, or riding around on our shoulders like a parrot. In her

Moon Wilson2024-07-04T10:30:01-04:00

Roxy McCoy


11 year old brindle boxer - passed away unexpectedly with a sudden seizure disorder. The best girl to grow up alongside. She leaves behind momma, a Doberman brother, Cash, and two human brothers, Maveryck and Tripp.

Roxy McCoy2024-06-24T09:24:09-04:00

Gabby Naugle


Gabby was our parents dog and she was actually my mom's dog until she passed away. Then our dad had her until he passed away and then I took her in. She belonged to stay with the family and was part of the family. She was a great companion who always knew how to cheer

Gabby Naugle2024-06-21T18:58:45-04:00

Hunter Rizzo


Rest in peace, Hunter. You gave the world your authentic happy self and we are eternally grateful to have walked this journey with you. Always by our side, constantly begging for treats, chasing bunnies, squirrels and birds, up for walks and car rides, you gave us joy on a daily basis. See you on the

Hunter Rizzo2024-06-13T09:46:24-04:00

Roxii Coleman


Roxii you will be very missed.  You were such a very loving dog!  You were the daughter I didn’t have (just with 4 legs)... the best family pet I could ask for! My fur baby - my Roxii girl - sleep peacefully.

Roxii Coleman2024-06-11T18:54:29-04:00

Lucy Kuras


Lucy was born in 2009 and passed peacefully in her sleep on June 2nd, 2024. She lived a long and healthy beautiful life full of love and sunshine. She was loved by so many people. Everyone who met her would fall absolutely in love with her, even people who didn't like cats would be head

Lucy Kuras2024-06-03T17:28:09-04:00

Darkone Cramer


Darkone was 15 days old and the sweetest little boy you could ever meet. He loved to sleep on my chest and tell on the kids when they were bad. He talked to me about everything and enjoyed life. He was my baby and he will always be in my heart and others.

Darkone Cramer2024-05-26T11:39:55-04:00
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