Malygos Emminger


Malygos was meant to be part of our family. From the moment we asked to hold a beardie and Malygos ran straight to us and jumped out of the tank, choosing us before we could even choose him. He loved his buggy protein and was no stranger to his necessary greens, but give this dragon

Malygos Emminger2023-03-23T22:49:58-04:00

Raven Keedy Green


Raven Keedy Green (Pit-lab mix) was a loving Dog especially to her two brothers, Tiger (Rat Terrier-Chihuahua Mix), Zaiden Keedy Torres, and her mom, Whitney Keedy Green. Raven loved her brothers and mom like no one could imagine. No one could come around them unless she approved. Rave passed away peacefully in her sleep on

Raven Keedy Green2023-03-09T14:59:50-05:00

Iceberg Driver


Iceberg was a wonderful pet. Everyone always talked about his beauty and size. He was kind and stubborn. Did his thing at times. He is missed and we all loved him so much.

Iceberg Driver2023-02-15T06:43:12-05:00

Baxter Cole


We picked up Baxter and his sister when they were a couple months old at a farm in the neighborhood. Thought they would be great mousers since they were accustomed to living outdoors and we didn’t expect to become so attached to them. Didn’t take long for them to worm their way into our hearts

Baxter Cole2023-01-29T16:38:31-05:00

Groot Milton


Groot was a rescue who became family the day we saw him. He was a fierce protector, loving companion, and the biggest baby. He will be eternally missed.

Groot Milton2023-01-23T11:20:20-05:00

Marra Bowman


Marra was a stray my friend gave me, after searching for a possible owner. When no one claimed her I decided to keep her. She was definitely a spicy cat with her attitude, but she was also a lovebug. She loved trying to steal my food and running circles around my other cats. She will

Marra Bowman2023-01-12T20:38:29-05:00

Bob Dietz


Bob was my best friend! He was the best dog, son, brother & protector. Bob was a really smart guy, he would watch his siblings and the house through our security cameras. He was always waiting by the door for us to return home. Bob loved cuddling with his sister Coco. Bob had lots of

Bob Dietz2022-12-20T21:06:22-05:00

Princess Coulter Viela


Princess was my youngest daughter Nicole’s best friend & childhood pet. Princess was a beautiful girl! She loved Sun bathing, playing with her favorite bear & playing chase! Princess didn’t like too many people, she was always quick to protect our family. Princess thought she was bigger than she was and she was fearless. Princess

Princess Coulter Viela2022-12-13T08:14:23-05:00

Nyla Marie Montgomery


Loving Blue Eyed Girl She loved to go on car rides, any chance she could she would go bye-bye. The sweetest dog you would meet, always followed me everywhere, even to the bathroom. She wasn't just a dog, she was my best-friend and like my own child.

Nyla Marie Montgomery2022-11-06T13:00:39-05:00
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