Who knew such a small creature would completely capture our hearts?

Havoc earned his name the first night we brought him home on October 9th of 2018. He had immediately plotted his big escape and after causing a panic, was eventually found curled up inside of a shoe. Every day since then was an adventure with this gentle and kind soul who was masquerading as a grumpy little dragon.

He taught us so much about patience, love, and respect. We will forever miss the way he’d march out from one his hiding places to greet us in the morning, the way he’d energetically chase our fingers or toes through the glass of his home, the hilarious positions he’d sleep in, or the way he’d enthusiastically climb up to the top of his enclosure with an unmatched sense of confidence only to get stuck at the top and squeak for me to help him down. Most of all though, I’ll miss how he’d let me hold his little hands.

We love you so much, Hav. We are so thankful that we were the lucky ones that got to be your family and watch you grow. You had such a big personality for such a little creature, and you left an impression on everyone that got to meet you. I’ll always wish we could have had more time with you, but I’m so grateful for the time and memories we were able to have together.

You’ll always be my little scaly son, and we will never forget you. I love you.

Mom & Dad

06.06.2018 – 01.21.2022