Our J R, a great and loving guy. Having J since he was 3 months old to 4 months shy of 16 years was an honor and pleasure. The proverbial class clown as a puppy to the most lovable and loyal companion. J R loved his walks and always knew the exact time everyday when we should be going. He was a Big Brother to two Beagles that he basically raised and the love and guidance he gave them will always be cherished. He took his last breath at 5:38 on Friday, June 11, 2021 and we Thank God that we were able to be with him and hold his paw and hug him. I Love and miss J so much, tears are flowing now as ai write this, it’s knowing how to go on without him is so hard, his frail body just couldn’t go on any further, he fought literally till he could no longer. We Love You J R Smith, Our Big Guy!