Malygos was meant to be part of our family. From the moment we asked to hold a beardie and Malygos ran straight to us and jumped out of the tank, choosing us before we could even choose him. He loved his buggy protein and was no stranger to his necessary greens, but give this dragon a strawberry and he’d be your friend for life.

His favorite activities were sitting with me and being read to, sitting on the couch and staring out the window, watching the TV while video games were being played, and napping on a family member’s chest under a nice warm blanket, soaking in all the cuddles.

Our home is definitely quieter without the entertainment of Malygos bearding up every time Daddy walked by (he had to show that his dragon beard was more impressive) and without him pawing at the glass wanting to come out (or wanting more food even if he’d already eaten).

You were the absolute best dragon Malygos, and you will be forever loved and missed. Thank you for choosing us to be your family.

Love Always,
Raylan (Your Chosen Person), Momma, and Daddy