Maximus Flores was as born November 19, 2008 to Lily Flores and Bocipheus Burton. He was the last born in his litter and the only male. His human mom, Stephanie Flores and his human dad, Tony Flores, were so excited to have a boy out of all girls. My mom called my dad because he had left to go get her breakfast (she was starving after delivering my sisters and me) and said, “IT’S A BOY!”.

Maximus loved his human family unconditionally and especially loved sharing (taking) all the space in bed with his mom and dad. His favorite things to eat were Mccheesy Burgers, popsicles, cheese slices, green beans, and anything his family would share with him. Maximus also had a weird obsession when people would come visit and then try to leave. He would chase them to the door and try biting their pant legs to get them to stay. He once lost an eye to his 200lb cousin and adopted the nickname “the one eyed bandit”. Maximus also had other nicknames “handsome”, “maxipad” (really mom), and “big guy”.

Maximus had many adventures during his 11 1/2 years he was here. He once broke his lead during December and right before a snow storm came along and was gone for 6 days and came back on Christmas Eve. My mom and dad were so excited I was back home. They had a theory that I was probably shacked up with some “girl”and I wasn’t about to miss out on a Christmas turkey and was like “it’s been fun, but it’s time to bounce out and get home to mah turkey leg.”

Maximus will be dearly missed and still loved regardless of where he is. His mom will hold his spot in the kitchen where he would sit while she cooked and did things in the kitchen. His dad will miss the bedtime routine of “assume the position “ which meant it was time for bed and Maximus would come to the stairs and stand, waiting for his dad to pick him up to carry him upstairs.

Maximus leaves behind several Family members and furry family members. At home he leaves behind his human family: Mom and dad, Antonio and Stephanie Flores; human siblings, Katelyn, Collin, Kyra and Kalyssa; furry siblings, Lucky, Luna, Nala, Raven, and his blood sister, Sophie; and his favorite Aunt and Uncle, Crissy Flores and John Kaiser (he loved his Aunt Crissy’s visits where he would beg to sit with her and when his Uncle John would visit — mom and dad didn’t exist.)  Maximus also adopted family members, Uncle Matt Niederhelman, Darren and Aunt Jennifer Mcvey (and they gave him the nickname “Captain Jack”), Uncle Kevin and Auntie Laura Kelly (they would bring him cheeseburgers and snacks and once tried to give him an “eye” to help him with his “confidence.”)

Maximus, we love you and thank you for all the years of unconditional love and support you have given all of us. You run free on that Rainbow Bridge and eat as many Mccheesy Burgers as your heart desires. Hike that leg and water all the flowers. We love you always and forever, Handsome Boy.

From Dad:
To my handsome boy, I will deeply miss your woo woos when you would get excited or wanted our attention. I will also never forget when you were a puppy and we still had your three sisters, that when it was feeding time, you would run your fat little self up to the bowl and growl to get your sisters away from the food. You would plop yourself in the food bowl and eat all the food and then hop out and let your sisters have the crumbs you left behind. You and I had a lot in common and both were food driven. Be nice to the ladies and share your food with them in heaven.
Love you always,