Obama-NATION Shanae Paschall was born October 25th 2010 to Black Cat Paschall. She was the last of the Black Cat Paschall generation. Nation was given to her mother Misty Paschall as a gift from her father James Paschall as a token of his love. She spent everyday of her life curled up and being loved by both her mother and father. She was a very sweet and special little girl who enjoyed getting her nails done and wearing clothes for her “Ma”. She enjoyed greeting everyone who came to her home and just wanted to show people love. When ever anyone was feeling down and came over she was right there to comfort them with her warm fur and gentle soft purrs. Nation stole everyone’s heart who met her even people who didn’t like cats and many who were superstitious of black cats. Nation will be greatly missed by her mother father little sister and big brothers and huge list of family and friends. She’s finally resting on pet Heaven with the Most High God and Creator Of All Living Things. She left her natural body a very happy spoiled rotten and extremely loved Cat and may she continue to be the guardian of me and her fathers love life and continue to grow our bond.
We love you Princess Nation. You will be greatly missed and Never forgotten.

Signed the love of broken hearted pet owner
Misty Paschall