Oliver thought that he was a German Shepherd in the body of a Chihuahua. He loved his humans just as much as they loved him! Especially his human momma. She was his person…his property. When his human daddy would go to kiss her goodbye in the morning Oliver would stand guard as to protect her. He was mommas comfort while recovering from back to back surgeries right after he was rehomed to us. That is when our bond was created and became what it was.

His human sister grew up with Oliver and learned what it was to love and respect our fur friends/family. He was an only fur baby for several years until we brought in 2 rescued Japanese Chins. They instantly became brothers and sister. Oliver would not drink water without his little big brother Cubby. He had to have a snuggle buddy at all times and if it wasn’t one of his humans it was his Meka. They loved each other without question.

Oliver was an incredible lil’buddy that brought so much laughter snd life into our home. His smile was infectious! Oliver Jerome Colee will be deeply missed and forever loved by his humans and his fur-siblings.