(pebs, pebbly webbly, pebbles webbles..)
She is so loved and she is such a beautiful cat… she loved taking pictures so much, she would look up at the camera until I was done… she was always so sweet to everyone, especially to her sisters Trazzie (same age (11), calico) & Stella (5, B&W). she loved many things such as: ham, cheese, whipped cream(if her or stell heard us get any of those they were running!!), treats, pâté (wet food). she loved snuggles & meowing at the most random times she always followed me everywhere .. she did like catnip too, she loved all her toys (stuffed pepper & banana w/ catnip, and balls with a bell or any sound!!! she would carry them around in her mouth lol. her and Trazzie, when they were younger, used to love playing with plastic bbs they would throw them from the top of the stairs & chase after them… there is so much to say about her… we will always remember those good times with her & we’re thankful she’s not sick and suffering as she was the past couple months.. I always feel her spirit with us & I am more at peace now that she’s back at home with us in her beautiful urn.. we will forever be blessed we got to spend such a great deal of time with her.. she is and always will be family to us all…