Princess was my youngest daughter Nicole’s best friend & childhood pet. Princess was a beautiful girl! She loved Sun bathing, playing with her favorite bear & playing chase! Princess didn’t like too many people, she was always quick to protect our family. Princess thought she was bigger than she was and she was fearless. Princess loved to eat dinner with our family.

Princess was not just a dog to us she was our baby. She thought she was a human being and we treated her like one. She had a outfit for every occasion and even if she didn’t like one of her outfits she would wear whatever we put on her. Princess protected my grandkids like they were her babies. She would sun bathe on the stairs waiting for Nicole to get home from school. She absolutely loved to go bye bye so she went everywhere with us!

Princess will never be forgotten or replaced ever! Princess tragically suddenly passed away on November 1st 2022 right after getting home from her doctors appointment, Nicole & Princess took a nap and sadly Princess never woke up. We will cherish all the memories with our beautiful baby girl Pretty Princess. I’ll know I’m in heaven when I see Princess at the gates waiting for me. We will love her forever! If love could have saved her she would still be here with us.

In loving memory of Princess Coulter Viela “aka” PRETTY PRINN ❤

11/19/2011 Sunrise – 11/1/2022 Sunset