In loving memory of Ryder, our family’s sweet old man.

From the moment Ryder entered our lives, he was so much more than just a pet. He became a beloved family member, our collective best friend, and confidant. Together, we celebrated 14 years filled with love, laughter, and countless memories. His youthful spirit radiated warmth, reminiscent of a ray of sunshine that brightened even our cloudiest days. (like when you and the boys played in the water at the park)

Ryder touched each of our lives profoundly. He taught us as a family to treasure the present, to find joy in life’s simplest pleasures, and the importance of unconditional love. And who could forget his insatiable love for food? The gleam in his eyes and his spirited tail wags at meal times are memories we’ll always hold dear.

The house feels a little emptier without Ryder’s presence, and while our hearts ache with his absence, we find comfort in the beautiful moments we shared as a family. He was the very best dog, a true beacon of love and joy.

We love you dearly, Ryder. Words can scarcely convey the depth of our affection and gratitude for the years we were fortunate to spend with you. Rest peacefully, our sweet boy. Until we meet again.