We Care Because You Care

Family Forever offers either a PRIVATE PET CREMATION service (where your pet is returned directly to you or through your Veterinary clinic) or a COMMUNAL PET CREMATION service (where your pet is processed communally).  Both services are processed at our ON SITE Crematory.

You may bring your pet directly to us or, if you prefer, we will respond to you (24/7) to take your pet into our care.  Simply call us to make arrangements. 


Private Cremation Service offers you as the pet owner the opportunity to bring your pet’s cremated remains home. During the cremation process, your pet will be the only pet in the cremation chamber. Once the process is complete, your pet will be returned to you within 2 days in a simple but elegant hand carved wooden urn.


Communal Cremation allows you to have your pet processed communally with other pets. The communal cremated remains are then spread in a serene environment at a private central Indiana farm to help the flowers bloom and make the earth more beautiful.


We offer special services for any active or retired K-9 Officer.

We Understand that Pets Are Family