My Lil’ Boy Tucker was born on March 28, 2006 and died in my arms on February 11, 2022. I was with him almost every day of his life & I cherished him for almost 16 years. I remember how little he was when he was born and how hard he fought to live his first 3 days of his life but then grew up to be the biggest & strongest of the pack.

When we moved, I remember laying on the kitchen floor 3 nights in a row with him to calm him down when he was afraid to be alone at our new house at night…I eventually sneaked him in our bed so we both could be comfortable until Dad finally gave in and let you sleep with us every night.

He was so loyal and loving to his fur family. Your buddy Jack misses cuddling with you on your favorite bed and playing chase through the house. Your little sisters miss you cleaning their face and watching over them outside. But…no one misses you like your momma does. I miss you laying on my lap underneath my blankets, I miss you following me around everywhere and I miss your little butt wiggle when I scratched your back.

I hope you enjoyed your life! I know you’re pain free now and rolling around in a sunny field with your girlfriend Daisy as much as your little heart desires.  💕💕💕

Until we meet again Lil’ Boy remember that you’re the best Lil’ Bubby’s in the whole wide world 😘

With All Our Love,

Momma, Dad, Jack, Freya, Fiona, Axel, Sunny & Sky